It has come to the notice of FEBELVN that calls and communications are being sent in its name inviting customers to purchase products from our website < FEBELVN - Trust & Promises > in exchange for gifts. Further, it has also come to our notice that such invitations are being made to transfer payments to bank accounts not belonging to FEBELVN. We clarify that we have not and will not make any calls or communications of such nature.

We caution customers against responding to such offers and communications in any manner or make any remittance consequent to such offers or communications. These offers are fraudulent, and we urge the customers to immediately intimate our customer support at love@febelvn.in and, or, register a complaint with the local police or cyber-crime authorities when you receive such offers or become victim of any such fraud.

Minimalist does not take any responsibility for recovering moneys remitted in response to such bogus communication.